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Australian NEW HANDICAP System


Golf Australia has released details of the fist package of changes to the Australian men’s and women’s handicap system. Details may be found on the
GA web page

Key points are summarised below:

·         Stage one of the new system commences from 9 April 2010.

·         Handicaps will be calculated from a rolling sample of the player’s previous 20 scores. The best 10 scores will be used to calculate an average and this will be multiplied by 0.96 in order to determine the handicap. The exact handicap is determined by deleting all numbers after the tenths digit. Do not round to the nearest tenth. (eg 23.4983 becomes 23.4)

·         A sliding scale of scores used will be applied to those players with fewer than 20 scores in the system.

·         Men’s CCR will no longer apply. Women have not used a CCR since 2007. All differentials will be determined using the men’s or women’s Australian Course Rating.

·         Scores held in GolfLink prior to 9 April will be recalculated using the ACR rather than CCR in order to determine your handicap.

·         There is no time frame applicable to the most recent 20 scores. They may span a period of three months or three years. Handicaps will no longer lapse.

The introduction of the slope rating system will take place over the next few years.